West Ridge Care Center is looking for dependable, compassionate employees to join our award-winning rehabilitation and long-term care facility. Applicants should enjoy working as a team and have interest and/or experience in the field of geriatric care.

Life at West Ridge Care Center revolves around the Eden Alternative Philosophy, which stresses that care facilities should be run as human habitats—not institutions of frailty and waiting. This way of thinking guides the way we provide care to our Elders, and how we interact with them as people.

Candidates should be approachable and sensitive to the physical, social, and emotional needs of our Elders. They respect the dignity of those we serve, and embrace the Eden Alternative Philosophy of care.

Employee Testimonials

I love the atmosphere when you walk in and the team work that we have is great. The team has a positive attitude that will start your day in the right direction. Always shine.

It’s more than a Job, it’s being apart of a Family

I love WRCC because of the flexibility of the schedule. Perfect for parents of young children or if you are a student. They will do their best to work around your schedule and create what fits both our needs.

I love working at West Ridge because it is being apart of a Family. I cannot think of a single staff member that I wouldn’t be able to trust and depend on


Available Careers at West Ridge


Health Care Assistants are responsible for providing personal care and assistance in the facility.  Health Care Assistants may be called upon to help residents with personal hygiene, including assistance with dressing, grooming, going to the bathroom, feeding and the giving of baths/showers. Health Care Assistants will be called upon to provide basic treatments as required at the direction of the nursing staff.

Health Care Assistants are responsible for observing and reporting changes in residents’ physical and emotional conditions to the nursing staff.  Excellent communication and team skills are needed.

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Housekeepers are responsible for housekeeping and cleaning functions.  Housekeepers are responsible for working in and around resident care areas and in the common areas of the facility.  Work is on both a routine basis and as-needed basis in the event of staffing shortages or needs for immediate cleaning of any area.

Housekeepers have an overall responsibility for duties relating to cleaning the resident care facility. They must meet established standards and work procedures for the housekeeping staff, provide cleaning services, and understand and properly operate all cleaning equipment.

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The Staff Nurse assists in the supervision and administration of quality nursing care for the facility. The Staff Nurse must possess a comprehensive knowledge of general nursing, theory and practice, including basic knowledge related to nursing such as drugs, biological, physical, social, and medical sciences and their application for a better understanding of resident-care problems.

A good memory and excellent communication skills are required. The Staff Nurse will assist in maintaining a physical, social, and psychological environment which will be conducive to the best interest and welfare of the resident.

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